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Otsuka (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (referred to as OCI) was established on December 4, 2003 as a fully owned Chinese subsidiary by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The registered capital is USD216.27 million. The purpose of the company is to use advanced technologies and management experiences, and to play the role of headquarters in China.

      OCI inherits Otsuka Group's tradition which principally involves Health, promotes business growth of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and nutrition products in China market, and devotes to outstanding medical and health issues in China. Following the global development strategy of Otsuka Group, OCI takes disease treatment as a long-term undertaking and expands pharmaceuticals in China in various fields, ranging from the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal and respiratory ailments to medical devices and transfusion. Meanwhile, OCI attaches a great deal of importance to innovative pharmaceuticals R&D. We has already set up medical research and clinical research centers in China, and also invested in sophisticated medical device research and manufacture.

      Besides the proper and effective treatment of disease, preventative treatment and day-to-day health also take prominent positions in OCI business. Through the Nutraceuticals business in China, OCI provides all-round guarantee for health and life quality of Chinese people.

      In keeping with its corporate philosophy and development strategy of Otsuka Group, OCI continues to exert enough of functions as Otsuka China regional headquarters, and to contribute to the health of people worldwide hand by hand with all other subsidiaries in China in the future.

Otsuka (China) Investment CO., Ltd.
Name: Otsuka (China) Investment CO., Ltd.
Address: Unit2,18F,The Headquarters Building,168 Xizang Rd.,Huangpu District, Shanghai
Founded: December 2003
Company form: 100% owned by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Registered Capital: USD216.27 million
Business Scope: China regional headquarters function in Otsuka Group, Management control function, Investment function for China business, Holdings function, Commercial enterprises function
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