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Otsuka (China) Investment Co., Ltd-Investment ManagerAmount1 person

Job Type Investment Manager Amount 1 person

Working Type Full-time employee Location Shanghai

Degree Master’s degree or above Date 2016-03-24

Company introduction:
Otsuka (China) Investment CO., Ltd. >>
Job Description:
1.To collect information of domestic and foreign health medicines, market and investment, to implement research and analysis of industry and project, and to write research reports.
2.To collect information of laws, regulations and policies related to health pharmaceutical industry, and to establish the relevant government departments, industry associations and professional organizations, and to provide relevant services to our funded enterprises.
3.To collect business information of our funded enterprises and to write the business analysis reports.
4.To collect clinical trial information for registering our funded enterprises’ products, to participate in rulemaking for product registration scheme, and to support our funded enterprises for clinical trial registration.
5.According to the business strategy of China, to participate in planning and organizing the relevant meeting between our funded enterprises, and to encourage cooperative relations.
1.Master's degree in Economics, Finance, Biology, Pharmacy, or Medicine
2.At least 3 years of the relavant working experience, working experience in relevant government departments is preferred, 
3.Good written expression ability and logical analysis, proficient in English, fluent in Japanese
4.Self-learning ability and strong communication skills, spirit of teamwork, cheerful and enterprising.
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