Shanghai World Expo 2010

Part One: Basic Concept of Japanese Industrial Pavilion

Topic of Japanese Industrial Pavilion; “Better Life from JAPAN”

It is well-known that the average level of living standard in Japan is higher than other countries. This pavilion show not only Japanese advanced technologies but also the “better life” proposed by all enterprises who create the high-qualified life.

Part Two: Introduction of Otsuka’s Exhibition

The Background of Exhibition

      In 1981, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. estabilished China Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. This company has made contributions to Chinese medical business by producing infusion products. At present, over 30 companies of Otsuka Group in China devote to production, sales, research and development of medicines, medical devices, foods and beverages. Based on Otsuka’s corporate philosophy “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide”, we engage in activities to protect people’s health. Shanghai World Expo was opened on May 1, 2010. In the Japanese Industrial Pavilion, Otsuka Pharmaceutical explained the concept of “Soylution*” to all Chinese people.

      The theme of Japanese Industrial Pavilion was “the Better Life from JAPAN”. With a 3-minute refined video, Otsuka Pharmaceutical indicated that soybean become a solution for environmental problem, food problem and health problem in the whole world, and conveyed offering a message “soybean brings happiness (healthiness) to people all over the world”. That is why Otsuka devotes vigorously to the Soylution business.

*“Soylution” is a composite word composed of Soy and Solution.

Part Three: the Exhibition Way

The Exhibition Way

1)A 3-minute Video: the Treasure of People and the World: Soybean

  Soybean was originated from China long time ago and then was spread to Japan and other countries in the world. In particular, Otsuka pays attention to the fine protein, nutritive factor and functional component contained in soybean and implements deep researches on them. From China, the birthplace of soybean, we conveyed “the possibility of soybean” to the people in the world. In addition, based on the concept of “soylution”, we provided everyone visiting Shanghai World Expo with a message “soybean will lead people and earth to the healthier and more affluent life”.

2)Week of Otsuka ~ BIG SMILE EARTH

  From October 11 to 17 in the World Expo, Otsuka held an activity in this week with the theme of “Big Smile Earth”. The theme means that smile is the treasure for people and the earth because smile creates a healthier and better life for people. The activity used full capacity of the JAL STAGE in the pavilion. A huge model of the earth is placed in front of the stage. Some passionate stars from China and Japan gave excellent performances. With riddles and games that many people irrespective of age and sex participated, those activities broght smiles to the audiences. All participators could take a photo within their smiles and put these photos on the huge model. Finally, 5300 smile faces cover the whole “Earth”, which reminded people of the importance of smile.

3)During the World Expo, the company released China limited edition of SOYJOY with date taste and sold it along with other four tastes in the pavilion. The number of selling reached 15,900 in 184 days, and the products earned a good reputation by consumers.

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