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      China Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the first joint venture company of the pharmaceutical industry in China with over 30 years of history. The factory locates in Xiqing district in Tianjin and occupies 100,000 m2 including the functions of production, office work, storage and energy providing.

  China Otsuka has 6 production plants in all for infusions in plastic bottles, soft bags, plastic ampoules and eye drops products. The chromaticity printing technology and the easy tear film are only used in China Otsuka in China by the production of the infusions in soft bags which make the products easy to open and reduce the mistake by taking medicines. The world wide most advanced aseptic technology-“Blow-Fill-Seal” is used in all the ampoule production lines. This one-step forming technology extremely reduces the contamination risk of the products in the manufacturing process. This kind of plastic ampoule doesn’t produce fragments by opening with lightly turning. Therefore, the safe using of the medicine is guaranteed and the performance of the medical staffs will be more convenient.

   The new office building of the factory was started to use in January 2014, which was divided into infusion exhibition room, central office area and meeting area. China Otsuka always shoulders the social responsibilities. The infusion exhibition room is the base of the staff-training as well as the class for the public to spread the knowledge of safe infusion. You can know not only the characters of the products made by China Otsuka, but also the histories of the infusion development and the trend in the future.

   A modern stereoscopic warehouse was built in 2013 and started to use in 2014. This stereoscopic warehouse has totally changed the old storage condition, saving the occupied area and using the spaces of the warehouse sufficiently. Computers are used to precisely control the information of the products. Robots are used to pattern the products with high efficiency. By this kind of warehouse an automatic logistic system can be built with high access efficiency so that a designed organized production chain can be formed to significantly improve the production capacity.

   There are visitor passages in the production plants and the stereoscopic warehouse which allow the visitors to watch the production processes without any influence to the normal production so that they can understand more intuitively how the products are produced with reliable qualities by China Otsuka. Walking on the visitor passage in the stereoscopic warehouse, facing the tall shelves, listening the interpretation of the staff, watching the boxes with medicines being transported, patterned and put on the shelves, all these automation equipments and orderly patterned shelves are so impressive and amazing.

  China Otsuka practices the company tenet “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health world wide” while continually getting stronger and providing good and comfortable working environment for the staffs. China Otsuka will make more contributions to the clinical infusion treatments in China as we always do.

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