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  Zhejiang Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Zhejiang Otsuka) is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to manufacture and sales of innovator drugs set up in China by Japan Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, its plant is located in Lingan downtown area, west of Hangzhou, with land area of over 26000 sqm, including production, office, warehousing and energy supply functions.

  Zhejiang Otsuka’s workshop has two modern tablet production lines, which mainly produce Cilostazol tablet, Rebanipide tablet, Procaterol Hydrochloride tablet, Aripiprazole tablet, Tolvaptan tablet and import sub-packaging of Busulfex injection. In order to guarantee intrinsic quality of the drugs, the process of tablet production totally adopts technologies supplied by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd from Japan; all raw materials and auxiliary materials are uniformly purchased from Otsuka in Japan and Otsuka in South Korea, so as to keep it consistent with the purchase of raw and auxiliary materials in Japan, and ensure global uniformity of tablet quality from the source.

  In 2013 Zhejiang Otsuka passed the new version GMP certification, ISO14001 environment management certification system, and safety management system integration certification ahead of others in the industry in Lingan City, for many consecutive years the company has been selected as “Big Enterprise Big Group”, “Leading Enterprise in the Industry”, “Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relation”, and “Home of Model Worker” honorable titles.

  As Zhejiang Otsuka’s size and performance continue to expand and improve, in April 2013 the plant’s new lab building formally started operation, including central lab, and collective office zone functions, aiming to create comfortable work environment for employees.

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