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  Otsuka Sims (Guangdong) beverage Co., Ltd. (OSGB) was established on February 2005, located in Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province.This location is one of a famous hometown of overseas Chinese also. OSGB covers about 67,000 square meters, professional production and sales ion supply drink, Pocari Sweat. The annual output of Pocari Sweat amounts to 3 million bottles. Pocari Sweat mainly be sold to South China, East China, and part of them are exported to Southeast Asia.
  The uniqueness of the factory first from the plastic bottles of raw materials lysine to the final finished product in the factory site for the integration of production. Secondly, the OSGB factory open to the visit and community.
  OSGB focusing on how to improve the interest of visitors, and make everyone learn healthy knowledge. In order to received a lot of visitors once, OSGB designed and set up a spacious and comfortable visit channel, relaxed enjoy the multiplex video.Visitors can also visit the transparent of the production line, consumers can clearly see the Pocari Sweat in a special safety and rigorous production process,let more consumers bolstered confidence to drink Pocari Sweat.The brand’s place, shows brand’s history and social commonweal activities, interactive games, so that every visitors can enjoy it. In order to cooperate 2016 Pocari Sweat Lunar Dreams Capsule Project by Otsuka Group launched,OSGB collect the children's dreams, Pocari Sweat powder will be together landing the moon surface. OSGB set up the new space museum on 2015 summer, visitors can see the secret of the blast off,the children visitor can leave a dreams message,they have an opportunity to let their dreams will be landing the moon surface.
  OSGB will continue to act in obedience to the Otsuka Group business philosophy,Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide , explain to the consumers about the most important health knowledge,attract more consumers to know about the importance of ion in daily life and Pocari Sweat special function.Strive through “cultivate consumer ” way to bring the healthy information to everybody.
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