Tianjin Otsuka Beverage

  Tianjin Otsuka Beverage Co., Ltd. (TOB) was established in 2002 in northern China’s Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area for the production of soft drinks and carbonated waters. It was China’s first manufacturing base for POCARI SWEAT and with the increased production capability of a 2015 factory expansion, it is capable of producing more than 2 billion bottles of POCARI SWEAT annually.
  The new, state-of-the-art factory contains revised tooling and production technology that is advanced and environmentally friendly, suitable for the production of healthy products consistent with the values of Otsuka’s group of companies.
 These efforts were not limited to the production facilities only, as a great deal of effort was put into the visitor experience as well, now open to the public. Factory visitors are treated to the widest visitor corridor in Asia at 8 meters wide, as they view the automated production line and strict production processes. Visitors are also immersed in an interactive video museum outfitted with 270 degree video projection and 360 degree surround sound that simulates varying degrees of body hydration. It is an enjoyable experience that educates visitors on the important roles that electrolytes and water play in good health.

  TOB is dedicated to facing the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow with even stronger quality and service.

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