Kenja-no-kaimin Launched in Otsuka Tmall Global Official Flagship Store

 Functional food Kenja-no-kaimin (The Wise Man's Sleep Solution) from OPC launched in Otsuka Tmall Global Official Flagship Store in early April.

 Based on the data from WHO, 10%~49% of people struggle with insomnia around the world. In China, 300 million people have sleep disorders. Sleep problem is a common issue. Kenja-no-kaimin which was launched this time helps to regulate biological clocks and ease sleep problems. Kaimin means that you will feel fresh and neat after waking up which represents the product’s effect is improving sleep quality rather than inducing sleep. The main functional ingredient in Kenja-no-kaimin is asparagus-derived proline-containing 3-alkyl diketopiperazines, which is a natural ingredient from plant and do not cause drug dependence. Kenja-no-kaimin can achieve goals of enhancing quality of sleep and regulating sleep-wake rhythms.

 The flagship store’s operator of OCI NC Department declared that both Kenja-no-kaimin and Kenja-no-shokutaku Double Support which has been launched previously are belonging to Kenja Series and contributing to improve consumers’ health. In addition,OCI is going to introduce more products into Tmall flagship store to diversify products line and strive to be the strong shield of consumers health.


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